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Executive Officer (XO), Commanding Officer (CO), & Acting Commanding Officer (ACO) Edit

The XO is in charge of issuing commands to various crew members on the ship, setting up an exact mission plan, etc. Some XOs can be quite authoritative and direct while others can be collaborative with most operating somewhere in between. Naval and sci-fi of yore usually tie this in with the title of Captain or Commander, though there's no real benefit to this moniker other than tradition.

COs are the next in command, sometimes taking place in the captain's steed while in other instances, operating another console while the XO is on the bridge. Only on larger ships will a CO be a separate post entirely with its own console and/or chair.

ACOs are Acting Commanding Officers, often used only if the CO and XO is unavailable right now, but is expected to return to duty soon. ACOs will revert to focusing solely on their post once CO and/or XO returns. The XO usually appoints a potential one to five crew members that can be an ACO.

XOs, COs, and ACOs can do the following things:

Set an Alert/Setting the Code Edit

Setting a Code (sometimes called alerts) is mostly a 'cosmetic' function that allows the crew to know what's happening, particularly if they're on some part of the ship where reaching them might be difficult. The difference between a code and alert depends on whether or not a Klaxon rings throughout the ship

Code Function Klaxon?
"Manic Rainbow" The ship is being attacked both externally by one or more vessels and internally by a boarding party. Loud, varying pitch
Red Warns the crew that the ship is being under attack by another ship. If they aren't at battle stations, they should be. Loud, single pitch
Orange The ship is being drawn into conflict with one or more vessels. Soft
Yellow The ship is in a situation that calls for absolute readiness. None
Lime The ship is currently exposed to an hallucinogenic, pathogen.. something medical. None
Olive The ship is currently low on food or other vital resources for sustaining the crew Warnings every breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
(Alizarin) Blue The ship is facing an external threat, usually non-combative in nature such as a dense astroid belt, debris field, mines, or solar phenom. Soft
Violet Intruders have boarded the ship! Loud, single pitch
Black A critcal system on the ship has failed Loud, varying pitch
Pink All the crew under order to surrender None
Pink The ship is either under a self destruct sequence.. or someone has hacked the alarms. Loud, varying pitch a and Countdown (if not silenced)
White All clear. None

Ship Postures Edit

When entering a situation involving another ship, the ship can develop a certain posture. This is evident to other ships usually in the form of a quick sensor sweep. This can help signal intent without one having to open communications, while also providing certain bonuses (and/or negatives).

Posture Meaning Bonuses/Negs Possible Favorable Outcome Possible Unfavorable Outcome
Offensive The ship will attack damn near any other vessel. +10 to initiative, +5 first attack roll Vessels feel threatened and will do what you say. Vessels feel threatened and will attack you.
Defensive The ship will attack, if attacked first. +5 to first attack roll, but must be attacked first. Vessels will try and calm you down Vessels will feel you have something to hide
Combat The weapons are readied, but that's it. No weapons penalty, +5 initiative Some will admire your readiness Some will think you're looking for a fight.
Neutral Weapons aren't readied 1 round to charge weapons. This ship is trustworthy! This ship is a target.
Inquisitive The ship is scanning/exploring this area or the other ship. 2 rounds to charge weapons, -5 to initative, +5 to sensors rolls, This is more of a science vessel This ship is an easy target!

These are not the only postures, however! The XO and her CO can make as many as the feel might work, with the GM's permission. ACO's are generally considered too inexperienced to create any particular new posture.

Issuing Commands Edit

The most important thing an XO, ACO, or CO can do is issue commands. Most of the time, particularly in non-combative situations, this can have little barring, save a +2 (or +1 for CO and ACO) to Charisma rolls when dealing with crew members. However, when a ship is engaged in battle, the XO, ACO, and CO can provide bonuses to whatever crew member they choose, depending on how well they succeed their roll.

The roll in question is CHA+Command or Intimidate. Results vanish by the time the XO/CO/ACO is reached and the XO, CO, and/or ACO cannot stack rolls. Those operating the console can refuse the command, but they cannot roll for that turn, having spent their time talking to the XO/CO/ACO about why that is a dumb idea.

Roll XO boost CO boost ACO boost
Very Easy -1 -1 -2
Easy 0 0 -1
Moderate +1 0 0
Difficult +2 +1 +1
Very Difficult +1d6 +2 +1
Heroic +1d6+2 +1d6 +2d6

Communications Edit

The communication station (aka comms) is a post on that seems deceptively simple on the surface, but has elements that are worthwhile to the ship, both in and out of combat. The comms obviously controls communication, but it also controls inter-ship and intra-ship computer networking, including uploading and downloading data, remote hacking, translation and more!

Have a Chat Edit

The obvious function of the comm is to communicate with other ships. This can be done in a number of ways, from audio, to textual, to audio-visual, and even holographic imaging.

Action Description Skill needed Roll difficulty Possible Successful Roll Outcome
Hail Opens the player ship for advanced dialogue between two or more vessels None None Hailing frequencies open, which can be accepted or denied
Confuse Send some rather confusing messages to the target ship Lying Moderate Target ship gains +1d3 to MNV and loses -1d6-1 to DMG
Insult Call the target ship a big dumb poopy head or something similar. (Any!) Moderate Target ship gains +1d3 to DMG and loses -1d6-1 to MNV
Intimidate Threaten the ship in some way Intimidate Varies The Target Ship will either back down or lessen their attack in some way.
Appeal Appeal to the target ship's sense of decency, and/or discuss the greater implications of attacking the player ship Diplomacy or


Very Difficult The Player Ship will either back down or lessen their attack in some way.
Appease Let the target ship know that you're will to adhere to nearly whatever demands as long as the player ship is let go. Diplomacy or


Moderate The player ship gives something to the target vessel
Trade/Bargain Outside of combat, it begins trade relations between ships. Inside of combat, you may bargain something in exchange for their life or vice versa Commerce Difficult The target ship and the player ship exchange something
Surrender ...Coward. None None The player ship surrenders to the target ship
Other Feel free to get creative and create your own messages! Varies (ask GM) Varies Who knows?

Translation Edit

The comms also has to translate information, sometimes between many vessels. This usually can be circumvented with the proper program installed for a rather lucrative price, though beyond this, it is up to comms officer to translate the message with his/her intrinsic translation knowledge.

Computer Networking Edit

The comms station can also do some computer networking between ships, with some comms operators going so far as to use it as a means to remotely hack other computers and/or hijack information about the target ship. Unlike other comms task, this one is done with the Computer skill, which some comms officers might find a little more difficult.

Action Descripton Difficulty Roll
Freeze Firewall Temporarily freeze the target ship's firewall for that round and the next Difficult
Disable Firewall Completely disable target ship's firewall V. Difficult
Enable Firewall Enable the target ship's firewall Easy
Hack Hack one of the target ship's systems V. Difficult
Encrypt Encrypt some data Moderate
Decrypt Decrypt some data Difficult
Upload Upload data Free!
Download Download data Free!

Pilot Edit

The pilot controls the movement player's ship when it isn't in an Allie-Jump. This station is always standard on any space-faring vessel, including fighters. The controls also have a lot of crossover with CivJets, Mechs, and Subs as well.

The pilot has three simple moves in combat:

Move Description Roll Pilot with...
Evade Dodge the Target Ship's Attack MNV
Persue Chase after the Target Ship Move
Retreat Retreat from combat! Move

The pilot will also need to make controls outside of combat, but that will depend on the context of the situation.

Navigation Edit

Blast-Off Time Edit

This is the time that can be reduced from an Allie-Drive "Blast Off". Otherwise, it reverts to the ship's default.

Roll Amount of Rounds Added/Subtracted
Very Easy +1d4 Rounds
Easy 0
Moderate -1d2 Rounds
Difficult -1d3+1 Rounds
Very Difficult -1d6+1 Rounds
Heroic -2d6+2 Rounds

Travel Time Edit

This is the time that can be reduced from travelling. A usually Allie Drive defaults to about a week of in space travel before it is forced to stop and cool down for about an hour or so under normal circumstances. If the player's ship engages in combat, there's no penalty for jumping again, as the wear and tear on the engine is nominal at best.

Roll Amount of Days Added/Subtracted
Very Easy 6+1d3 Days
Easy 7 Days
Moderate 6 Days
Difficult 5 Days
Very Difficult 4 Days
Heroic 3 Days

Analyzing Star Charts Edit

Sensors Edit

Tactical Edit

Engineering Edit

Reallocating Power Edit

The Engineering console as the ability to temporarily reallocate power from one place to another. This lasts for only the round it is done and the next, though this can be maintained without any additional rolls. Power can be reallocated from the following places:

  • Plating (Body)
  • Helium 3 Reactor (MNV)
  • Micro Dyson (Move)
  • Convergence Module (Allie Drive)
  • Engineering Console
  • Tactical
  • Comms
  • Pilot
  • Navigation
  • Sensors
  • The Weapons (Each being separate.)

Successfully reallocating power from one area of the ship to another requires the following rolls:

Roll Original Source New Source
Very Easy -2 -2
Easy 0 0
Moderate -1 +1
Difficult -2 +2
Very Difficult -1d6 +1d6
Heroic -1 +1d6

Remote Repairs Edit

On-Site Repair Edit