Because in space, no one can hear you Blue Steel.

Regular Clothing Edit

Clothing doesn't have any direct effect on any charismatic rolls, though the character will draw attention to themselves if they're dressed inappropriately for a situation.

Clothing Category Description Cost (in credits)
Hobo Now you too can look like you beg for change. 3
Poor Make Mackelmore shake his head with this clothing line. 6
Generic Worker This was bought on sale from a big-box store 10
Suburban Standard Basically, most mall clothing. 40
Cheap Suit Great for applying for internships 50
Professional Grade Turn heads your employees' heads at next company picnic 200
Average Suit “Now, I may be a small-time space lawyer...” 350
Ritzy For a casual day at the exclusive resort 800
Expensive Suit Great for running for an elected office. 1,350
Costumes Costumes can be any sort of “out-of-the-ordinary” clothing that exists, such as  job uniforms, sub-cultural clothing, or maybe it is just a literal costume.  Whatever it is, here it is. 175

Note: This cost has  fluctuations depending on the costume in question.

Extreme Weather This clothing can provide some semblance of relief against extremely hot or cold environments, like the Antarctic or the Sahara Desert. Be sure to mark down what type it is when you buy it. 150

Tattoos, etc. Edit

All cultures seem to have them across all races. These cultural 'markings' (for lack of better term) usually have no implication, with the exception of particular 'markings', which may reveal themselves in the context of a campaign.

Marking Description Cost for a Simple Design Cost for a Complex Design
Make-Up Includes any general, temporary body marking. 4 16
Piercing (Work) The cost of getting a piercing job done 25 100
Tattoo Includes any marking on one's body designed to last forever 50 200
Removal For when you want to get rid of a tattoo or piercing with no visible damage 300 325


Some situations will require a more convincing disguise than picking up some off-the-rack clothing or a costume. More often than not, these aren't as easy to obtain for legal reasons, but using the right channels, they're not impossible to find. This covers just some of the things

Disguise Description Cost (in credits) Rarity
Dying agents For dying skin, hair, etc. 75 Legal
Ambiguity™ by Rulp For disguising one's biological sex 75 Legal
Forged Access Card Fool card-locked doors into think you're some guy. 760 Rare
Forged Personal ID Fool people into thinking you're that guy. 500 Difficult
Ageification Kit This kit will make you look older 150 Legal (21+)
De-agification Kit This kit will make you look younger... an extent. It doesn't work miracles.

300 Legal
Security Guard Recreate forgettable movies. 100 Common
Police Officer, lower rank Expect to be partnered with cop of a different ethnicity for wacky hi-jinks. 300 Uncommon
Police Officer, upper rank You have to be one tight cannon to make it this far. 450 Difficult
Military, lower rank "You look like a bag of smashed assholes, cadet!" 600 Uncommon
Military, middle rank 1,200 Difficult
Military, upper rank 2,400 Rare
Military, admiralty rank 4,800 Ultra Rare

Trans-Species Edit

Different Species may need to dress up as other from time to time. Certain races such as the Auth and the Lirari simply can't do to their build. No species can really disguise themselves like an Arkyle. However, Arkyles can.

Current Race Type New Race Type Cost (in credits)
Biped Biped 4,000
Biped Quadraped 8,000
Arkyle Biped 6,000
Arkyle Quadraped 9,000

Ticorgan Weave Edit

This can be applied to any clothing, costume or disguise to add an additional bit of soak damage. This soak damage does not stack with armor, however, with armor bonuses “overpowering” weave bonuses.

Weave type Soak Bonus Cost (in credits)
Simple +2 300
Complex +4 600